004 Can alternate treatments solve hand related ailments or not

Can Alternate Treatments Solve Hand Related Ailments, Or Not?

A good number of people the world over are finding ways to deal with serious health problems through alternative sources of energy and treatment programs. The basic remains on point though with allopathic medication being the ultimate solution to many a problem. Here are some thoughts as to whether alternative treatments can sort hand related woes.

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1. Acupuncture, an ancient science has been around for centuries and has been known to be a healer to a number of people. In fact, specialists the world over promote this form of therapy to their patients if they are looking for an alternative to an intrusive surgery.
2. Acupressure is also known to work wonders provided the patient does not have a serious problem like cancer that requires the expert touch and treatment by allopathic specialists. The underlying problem of the patient is worked into the method by applying pressure points on various parts of the hands that work the muscles and nerves to function as a whole.
3. The upper extremity of the body � the shoulders and the ends of the fingers may not always be in tandem with each other because of excruciating pain and triggers from various parts. After a consult with the specialist who will ascertain the extent of damage to the hands and other parts of the region, a treatment plan may be suggested. If need be the person may need hand therapy treatment instead of surgery.
4. A hand therapist is a person who has adequate knowledge of the functioning of the human anatomy. The person will devise a solution by taking into account the medical history of the patient and ensure that the person will be able to function as a whole through preventive and post-surgical rehab.
5. For quite a while alternative solutions have taken over as not many patients like to be cut up (surgery). Based on the extent of the problem, for instance, if there is limited blood flow in the hands, the person may need to be treated with massage to penetrate the inner functioning of the blood vessels. It also helps treat the tendons and the bones as a whole. However, just an average therapist may not be the solution, but a person with the credentials and the wherewithal in every facet of the human body.
Alternative treatment patterns are a great preventive mechanism in doing away with stress disorders. However, when the health condition is serious like a tumor or cancer, a qualified expert in the domain of allopathic medication is what you are looking for, to find a solution.

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