How technology helps with modern day hearing tests

Do you usually turn the speakers and volume too high to hear the sound? Do you already have to move so close to hear what’s being said? Well, that just means one thing – you already have a problem with your hearing, and that’s a major problem. When dealing with matters like this, you should immediately consult a doctor, find out what’s wrong, and try your best not to make your condition worse. It is difficult to manage things with our hearing getting impaired because we mostly use it for our daily activities.

For a much better elaboration, an article by Better Hearing Institute will share to us eight reasons why we have to put a hearing test at the top of our to-do list.

8 Reasons to Put a Hearing Test at the Top of Your To-Do List

Of all the life hacks for better living, taking care of your hearing is among the smartest and most economical.

  From pilfering away at your relationships and quality of life, to putting you at risk for other health conditions, untreated hearing loss is a silent thief. Here are eight reasons why you should get a hearing test today. Read more here J

Those are great reasons why we should have our hearing tested. However, there are much important reasons behind this. At birth, it is recommended that infants should go through some tests and one of these is hearing test. It Is truly important and helpful because it can give us vast information that are very useful.

            In an article by Autism Speaks, they will tell us how infant hearing test can give signs of a specific condition called Autism.

Infant Hearing Test May Flag Autism Risk

“This technique may provide clinicians with a new window into the disorder and enable us to intervene earlier and help achieve optimal outcomes,” says study co-author Anne Luebke.

 Diagnostic methods rely on behavior symptoms that may not appear until 18 to 24 months of age. However, research suggests that earlier interventions can help promote brain development for at least some children predisposed to the disorder. 

In their study, researchers evaluated a test similar to one commonly used to screen newborns for hearing problems. It employs a miniature speaker paired with a highly sensitive microphone in an earplug to detect abnormalities in sound processing.

The researchers played tones and clicks through the miniature speaker and then analyzed minute sound emissions made in response by hair cells in the inner ear. A lack of response by these cells indicates impairment of the inner ear, or cochleaRead more here J

Now that we are aware of what hearing tests could do, we should now take into consideration undergoing this kind of test. There are many types of equipment used to detect hearing loss and one example is the Pure Tone Audiometry. An article by Bengal Speech will tell us all about this equipment.

What Is Pure Tone Audiometry Test and Why It Is Essential To Detect Hearing Loss

Do you know about Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA)? It is an important hearing test to determine the presence or absence of hearing loss. When it comes to hearing loss, you may often ignore it. This may be because of the fact that you have not noticed that you suffer from it. Thus your hearing loss may also go untreated for long. However there is great danger of leaving your hearing loss untreated. The danger of leaving your hearing loss untreated is that, there are certain types of hearing loss which are irreversible in nature. Thus with further neglect the hearing loss may suddenly get aggravated. It is important that in case you are suffering from it, you must have it detected and treated thereafter. To have the problem detected there are certain hearing tests which are essential. They help to assess the type and degree of the same. Read more here J

We should be grateful that these kinds of equipments were invented for our use. There is no reason to say no to have our hearing tested because we have our doctors and hi-tech equipments to do this. Having this test will not just prevent further hearing loss but will also flag more serious problems that our body is experiencing or will experience in the future. It is good to have this test as early as birth because it could prepare the family and it will be easier to prevent things from getting worse. If we are really concerned with our bodies and with the life that is ahead of us, we should already have our hearing tested once we feel that something is wrong and we should immediately have infants tested at birth.