Singapore and its Health Care System

Have you ever heard of the Singapore health care system? Do you already have an idea about it? Well, the Singapore health care system is considered as one of the bests is the world. People who can’t find the medical care that they need in their own countries usually head to Singapore for it. You might already have heard of one person who did go to Singapore and had successful medical processes. But what could be the reason why they are leading when it comes to medicine?

An article by Pacific Prime will tell us more information about Singapore medical care and how good it is.

Singapore medical care

Imagine a world where you never have to leave your home to see your doctor. You merely click a couple buttons on your computer or mobile device and your new specialist appears on screen. She was just sent your medical records electronically from your general practitioner following their video consultation about your current condition. The funny thing is, you are in Singapore, your GP is in Hong Kong, and the specialist is in Germany. Not long ago, this kind of scenario would be something that might be presented to you in a science fiction movie, but today these kinds of interactions are happening between patients and medical professionals all the time via telemedicine!

That’s right, telemedicine has really come a long way, and is set to start growing by leaps and bounds, especially in a city that is on the cutting edge of healthcare like Singapore. For people like you, the key will be letting you know how you can actually make use of this type of service, as well as how this type of service can be paid for across international borders. Here, Pacific Prime Singapore takes a closer look at telehealth in the city-state. Read more here.

Technology – it is really one thing that contributes to the quality of service in Singapore. This kind of advancement makes medication more convenient to the patients, doctors, and clients. Because of how good Singapore’s medical system is, a question has popped – Is Singapore’s “miracle” health care system the answer for America? Let us find out all about it through Ezra Klein’s article below.

Is Singapore’s “miracle” health care system the answer for America?

When liberals talk about their health care utopia, they have scores of examples to choose from. Some name France’s high-performing multi-payer system (No. 1 on the World Health Organization’s rankings, in case you haven’t heard). Others point to Canada’s single-payer simplicity. The Scandinavian countries all do health care well, and there’s much to recommend Germany’s hybrid approach.

Conservatives really only have one example of a free market health care paradise to point to: Singapore. But oh, what an example it is! In a New York Times column called “Make America Singapore,” Ross Douthat called it “the marvel of the wealthy world.” After the election, Fox News published an op-ed headlined, “Want to ditch ObamaCare? Let’s copy Singapore’s health care miracle.”

Why are conservatives so taken with Singapore? The American Enterprise Institute’s glowing write-up explains it well: Read more here.

Wow! Experts all over the world really admire Singapore’s health care system. According to them, Singapore really is the only truly universal health insurance system in the world based on the idea that patients, not insurers, should bear the costs of routine care. That idea alone is a good description of the Singapore medical care.

With the great number of doctors and hospitals in Singapore, we should still know and choose good doctors. Just because Singapore is one of the bests when it comes to medicine, doesn’t mean that all doctors are good. Singapore Doctors Directory will share to us five ways to tell if the doctor is good.

5 Ways to tell if the Doctor is good

  1. The Waiting Time is Long

The universal rule of demand and supply applies.  There is this good doctor.  And there is only one of him or her.  Well, guess what?  There is indeed a lot of people who would want to see this particular doctor !  It does sound very much like deciding on which Char Kway Teow stall to buy your noodles from in a food centre.  A good reputation as a doctor takes a long time to build especially family doctor in Singapore.  And when a level of reputation is achieved, one can be certain that patients keep coming back for more.  And not only them, but their parents, cousins, colleagues, nephews and nieces too.  Try not to give up waiting for a good doctor, there is a reason for his or her popularity.  Some of us feel happy to be the only patient in a clinic, seemingly given exclusive attention by numerous staff.  But wait.  Ask yourself: Why is no one else here ?

  1. The Specialist Does Not Offer Extras

A specialist has chosen sometime in their medical training to focus on a certain area of practice.   And most of them stuck to that area when they were employed in a public hospital.  But when they arrived in the jungle of private practise, things changed.  Free of institutional restrictions, GPs and specialists begin to offer more services and products.  It is now well known that many doctors can undergo a short course and rebrand themselves as Aesthetics Doctors, which is pretty specialist-sounding to most people.  And so, if the GPs can do it, why can’t other specialists?  And so they do.  Is your specialist concentrating on the liver or kidney or ovaries, or is he/she offering you botox, liposuction or “body contouring”, and even “medical grade” face creams and skin cleansers ?  Read more here.

There are many reasons why the Singapore health care system is chosen by many people all over the world. Many big people have appreciated their service and recommend that you avail of their medical care because they are one of the bests. However, if you are planning to avail of their service, you should make sure that you choose the right hospital, clinic, and doctor. It is still your responsibility to know what is good and what could help you the most. Singapore has a lot of good doctors and hospitals, you just have to be wise enough to choose.