Breast Cancer Screening in Singapore – Both Men and Women are vulnerable to it.

Breast cancer is a disease that affects both men and women, but women are more frequently diagnosed. Getting screened for cancer can be an intimidating task for people who are concerned about the results. The critical thing to remember is that catching this disease at an early stage is crucial to treat the condition successfully. One in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, and you don?t want to wait if you suspect something is wrong. The screening process is simple enough, and a discrete, professional staff will patiently review the results with you. If you are seeking professional assistance, do head down for a health screening at Acumed Medical Clinic.

When should I get checked?

Breast cancer symptoms typically include any unusual lumps in the breast tissue, firm pockets of skin, and sometimes there are no symptoms. Routine screenings for breast cancer are encouraged for women nearing the age of 50, and the testing can identify tumours that are not yet noticeable. The risk of developing breast cancer increases with age, and it is best to catch cancer early in its development. Treatment plans depend on how far cancer has spread, and the earlier treatments can start, the better the chances of eradicating this disease from the patient.

What is the breast screening procedure like?

Screening for breast cancer is non-invasive and uses X-ray technology to distinguish tumours from healthy tissue in the breasts. During the procedure, one breast is scanned at a time, and a machine is gently, but firmly placed around the tissue. The usual screening process takes two different angles of each breast, and the pictures are reviewed by skilled doctors to look for anything unusual. As your doctor explains the results of your screening, you should feel comfortable asking all of your questions. You don?t want a doctor that rushes through their explanation.

How much will breast cancer screening cost?

Many clinics in Singapore offer health care packages that include cancer screenings and other forms of preventative medicine to catch problems before they become serious health concerns. Your health is vital to maintain, and it is difficult to put a price on your wellbeing. The medical costs of screening are negligent when it comes to catching breast cancer early, and purchasing a screening package is a great way to afford routine visits to the clinic.

What qualities should I look for in a breast cancer screening clinic?

Medical treatments are private affairs, and you want a dedicated staff of medical professionals that will screen you with discretion. If the doctor makes a mistake in their diagnosis, it can have severe consequences for the patient. You want to find a clinic that provides their patients with skilled physicians that are passionate about healthcare. Doctors that take a thorough approach to screening for breast cancer instill confidence in their patients, so you can move forward with the results.

Following your screening, your clinic will typically provide a personalized report of your medical condition, and the clinic’s doctors will go over the results with you. Your consultation will allow you to understand the results better and make any changes necessary to ensure proper health moving forward. Your doctor will make suitable recommendations to you according to the report, and if you need to make lifestyle or diet changes, or if you need additional treatment, you will be able to take the necessary action you need to ensure a healthy and happy future!